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Accucover - Improve your accuracy with our scope covers Accucover - Improve your accuracy with our scope covers


We all want to hear those words – whether we’re aiming at a beer can, a target or that once in a life time trophy shot. product1.gif

And that’s where AccuCover can help:


A scope cover that delivers faster, more accurate shooting

AccuCover is more than just a scope cover. Its unique, patented hi-visibility markings on the rim of the cover help you shoot both faster and with greater accuracy – each shot, every shot.

The techie stuff explained in detail!



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"This simple but effective idea represents a major breakthrough in shooting technology. Amazing!"

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AccuCover Benefits

  • Reduced parallax error – excellent cheek weld delivering greater accuracy
  • Reduced rifle cant – less rifle tilt delivering greater accuracy
  • Faster eye alignment – especially in dusk/dawn lighting conditions
  • Silent push-button opening – ensuring a stealthy approach
  • Cover folds flat to scope – great for undergrowth shots and cap wearers!
  • Water resistant – as you’d expect from a first class scope cover


AccuCover comes in three sizes and is suitable for 99% of scopes in the market. To choose the right cover for your scope use our simple scope cover selector tool. It's easy to use and easy to order!

High Versatility

Rimfire - Varmint
Centrefire - Game
Law Enforcement