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Accucover - Improve your accuracy with our scope covers Accucover - Improve your accuracy with our scope covers

From little acorns......

nick1.jpgAccuCover is the brainchild of Nick Matthews. Nick had always been keen on field sports and one day, whilst enjoying the peace and tranquillity of  one of his many fishing expeditions, he began to ponder the well-known problem of parallax error associated with riflescopes.

It was then that Nick had his Eureka moment! Enter AccuCover. Not only does this simple device overcome parallax error, it also helps prevent another form of shooting inaccuracy known as cant error.

Convinced he was onto something special, Nick decided to patent the device. At the time, little did he know the complexity and cost of such an exercise but after 3 long years, Nick's dream became reality when the product was granted its patent in the summer of 2009.

Accuzero Ltd had also been established as the vehicle by which AccuCover would be taken to market. Much discussion took place as to the merits of simply licensing the technology to an established manufacturer or taking the riskier and more costly decision to design, develop and manufacture the product in house.