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Accucover - Improve your accuracy with our scope covers Accucover - Improve your accuracy with our scope covers

AccuCover is an entirely new concept in scope cover design. As you'd expect from a manufacturer of quality scope covers, it provides excellent protection of your scope and lens against whatever the elements can throw at it. However, what really makes AccuCover unique is its ingenious patented design which help you shoot both faster and more accurately.

How does it do this? Quite simply, with the addition of high visibility markings on the rim of the scope cover. When you take aim, your eyes traditionally focus on the crosshairs within the scope and the target behind. With AccuCover, your peripheral vision also comes into play, sensing the four markings on the rim and helping to keep your eye aligned with both crosshairs and target. Its simplicity is its beauty. With all three elements aligned, this not only allows you to acquire the target faster, it also ensures a more accurate, consistent shot.

Reduced Parallax Error

To see parallax error at work, simply left click and drag the eye on the diagram to the right. When the high visibility markings, crosshairs and target are all aligned, you get the perfect shot. However, as the eye is dragged off centre, an error is introduced and the crosshairs no longer line up with the target. Effectively, if the eye drifts to the right of scope, the gun will shoot to the left of the target. Clearly, the representation of parallax error here is a simplified model purely to demonstrate the concept. For a more detailed explanation, please follow this parallax error link.

Left click on the eye and drag to the side to demonstrate parallex error

Faster Eye Alignment

One of the other reported benefits of AccuCover is faster acquisition of the target. Although conceived as a device to improve shot accuracy, field trials have resulted in a number of users who believe it also aides target acquisition and speed of shooting. A difficult one to prove - so we'll just have to let you be the judge of that one!


Reduced Cant Errors

Let's start with the basics. A gun scope normally sits directly above the barrel in a vertical plane. Any deviation from the vertical is known as cant. Due to the effects of gravity, rifles are typically set up so at the point of firing, the barrel is actually pointing slightly above the target. With correct settings for distance, gravity causes the bullet to drop with the result of a perfect shot (human error aside!).

Any tilting of the gun will introduce what are known as cant errors. With cant, the barrel is typically pointing both above and to the side of the target. Gravity now has the effect of amplifying the error and resulting in a poor shot being achieved.  With AccuCover, the high visibility markings in your peripheral vision help you sense when the scope is not vertical and hence minimise these cant errors.